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We are temporarily closed due to the national lockdown.
Fingers crossed we'll be back open before too long, welcoming you in to our studio once again 🤞

To reduce social contact, the government has ordered certain businesses and venues (of which we are included) to close.

Therefore, we are having to close from 5 November - 2 December 2020 and are looking forward to when we will be able to open our doors once more.

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What is VR?

Virtual reality is the technology which allows you to put yourself into a different environment that doesn’t actually exist through the use of a headset.

The idea is that you wear a headset and the world around you becomes whatever you want it to be. You can turn your head and interact with virtual objects, with your motion as it would be in real life.

This shouldn’t be confused with AR – Augmented Reality. An example of augmented reality would be Pokèmon Go, where something virtual, the Pokèmon in this instance, comes into our world.


How can I experience it?

On the market currently, you have many VR headsets that have a smartphone slot, which allows a user to watch videos in Virtual Reality. While the cheapest on the market, you also have no real way of interacting which is where the cost begins to ramp up.

Widely regarded as the best VR gaming headset is the Valve Index, not only one of the more expensive models but also requires a very powerful computer. Similarly, the HTC Vive (1st Gen), HTC Vive Pro (2nd Gen) and HTC Vive Cosmos (more affordable 2nd Gen) also require powerful computers. As it’s the computer giving the headset its power, these headsets require you to be tethered by a wire, although the Vive Pro does have an expensive adapter, allowing a user to go wireless.

The best choice computer powered headset for the average consumer is the Oculus Rift S. Oculus’ 2nd generation headset is relatively cheap in comparison to other on the market, has the widest range of games with access to multiple online game shops, and doesn’t require a computer as powerful as the previously mentioned headsets. One of its biggest benefits is its ability to be played without the use of external sensors. You know, those little boxes that will sit in the corners of the room? All the HTC headsets and the Valve Index require them but not the Rift S.

Likewise, the Oculus Quest also doesn’t require external sensors and also happens to be the most sold VR headset to date. This headset is wireless, using a mobile phone processor to create the picture. However, with a lesser processor comes lesser performance. Though this doesn’t seem to be a huge deal to the general public as its manoeuvrability and adaptability is a massive benefit. Unfortunately, as it isn’t tethered, it only has access to the Oculus store, losing out on a huge variety of options but there is a solution…

After the release of the Quest, Oculus began work on the Oculus Link, a cable that connects to the charging port of the headset, with the other end plugging into a gaming PC. Suddenly the Quest’s game library opened up massively, with access to titles through software such as Steam VR.

Most recently, however, Oculus has released the Oculus Quest 2, a new portable headset, designed for the standard household, with better performance than its predecessor and depending on the memory size, potentially at a better price. Again, not tethered and for a similar price of the new PS5 and XBOX X, no doubt this headset will sell well with Christmas just around the corner.



So hopefully that’s explained what VR is and how it's accessible. At iVR, we use HTC Vive Pros for the more powerful games but also have some Oculus Quests so that you can try out the VR experience without a tether. Play a range of games and immerse yourself in a variety of experiences at iVR. Book now with 50% off when you book a session at iBounce Exeter.

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It's been a hard few months for many of us, but we are delighted to have been able to reopen!

Bookings are now being taken on our website once again and now every booking has exclusive use of the iVR room - even if there is only 1 in your party, rest assured you won't be sharing with anybody else 😍

Just another way we're continuing to help you feel safe in a fun environment 😁👍

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It's here! The Virtual Reality equipment has arrived.

We now have the HTC Vive and 4 Oculus Quest headsets (perfect for multi-player) on site and will be opening shortly.

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We are so excited to introduce iVR - Next Level Virtual Reality located at iBounce Exeter. Watch this space for futher news and announcements. 

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