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Featured Game - Google Earth VR

Featured Game - Google Earth VR

I’m sure most of us have experience with Google Maps – the go-to smartphone app to get from A to B, dragging yourself along roads in satellite mode, giving you a satellite image of the earth and its buildings. 

Well, the very smart people at Google have recreated every inch of the planet and given you the opportunity to go and see whatever place, city, mountain or landmark; whatever you want!

Using the controls, navigate yourself around the blue planet and see what the world has to offer without leaving the room. Visit Ayres Rock, Australia; the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco; Times Square, New York; and more.

One of the most bizarre things about Google Earth VR is the ability to put yourself into StreetView. While I have come across certain locations that are unavailable for it, such as some Greek Islands, the vast majority of locations do have it. When I booted up the experience for the first time, I stepped foot on Exeter High Street and despite it being 10 years in the past (Google need to update their photos), it was so realistic!

StreetView is great for viewing landmarks too. I mentioned Ayres Rock earlier, or Uluru as the aborigines would say. Get there immediately through the use of a menu or try to find it in Australia’s Northern Territory yourself. Behold the grand size of the 863m tall monolith! It will absolutely blow you away as you really are standing right next to it.

Another neat feature of Google Earth is the ability to change the time. While flying through the atmosphere, you can quite literally pull the Sun around the Earth, turning the day to night, and vice-versa. This has an effect on the world too as city lights switch on, giving you a whole other aspect to explore.

For those of you used to the way Google Maps navigates, you’ll pick up the controls and movements easily and will likely become second nature after a few minutes. However, for those of you not used to Google Maps’ navigation, you will find the controls awkward. It can take a little while to get used to how the buttons work. For example, the most effective way to move around the planet is to have the planet in front of you. However, to be able to move in closer to an area, you have to hit a button to tilt the Earth below you. You’ll get used to it, it’s just a little finicky to start.

If you’re not particularly interested in the fast-paced Beat Saber or the strategy of Superhot, I highly recommend you give Google Earth a go. If you’ve got a VR headset at home, the game is completely free, though you’ll require a headset tethered to a computer. There’s no objective to complete so you can take your time and have an awe-inspiring adventure around the planet we called home.

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